Jason Helveston is a pastor at Park Community Church in Chicago. As part of a church in the city for the city, Jason leads a campus on the west side of Chicago and serves as a teaching pastor at Park. Jason writes regularly about Jesus and culture on his blog and his first book, Tell Me Everything—a memoir about the story of Christianity—will be released in June (2016). He and his wife Laura live in Chicago with their three children Glori, Jedidiah, and Micah.

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Show me a good word or better yet a good string of words, and I’ll show you great joy.

There is a throbbing possibility when the right rhythm of words flow together to create sentences, paragraphs, and pages of hope and healing and meaning and truth. It is no mistake God’s own self-disclosure and activity through history has been recorded with words. In other words, words makes storytelling possible. And when we hear and tell the right story, everything changes.



The story starts.

Rise in Action

Rise in Action

The story moves.


The story feels.
Fall in Action

Fall in Action

The story falls apart.


The story needs a hero.


The story comes together.


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Faith is about someone who finds us, draws us in, and then doesn’t let us go, so let’s walk together.

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