Join the story


Join the story

Throughout my life Jesus has told me his story. Unexpectedly perhaps, the words of God and his grace have not simply come by way of reading the Bible and praying to him. The realities of Jesus and his narrative have also come through the very fabric of my life.

My family.
Elementary school.
A near death experience.
A kayaking trip.
Conversations with my dad.
Meeting my wife.
Starting a church.

And through every story that made my life possible, God has been speaking.

Tell Me Everything is my journey of realizing that faith in Jesus is not a religion (as often assumed), but rather something else much more alive and powerful and beautiful—a story. Following the framework of every tale—exposition, rise in action, climax, fall in action, and resolution—the uniqueness of Christianity is put on display for us to consider with fresh vision. In this book I share how I came to hear and see the story and why that reality should change the way we think about faith, talk about God, sing, pray, and pay attention to the details of life.

For those who already believe, my desire is that you would be freed from a suffocating genre of spirituality which does not allow faith’s full expression. For those who do not believe in this way, my hope is that you will find an honest take on Jesus and his way, compelling you to deeper investigation.

No matter who you are … I hope you will jump into this story with me on June 20th.

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