God Keeps His Word

Promises are powerful. Whether a parent promises to come to their kid's baseball game or I promise my wife I will love her and be true to her "until death do us part” … promises are powerful. With words we regularly attempt to assure those around us of our...

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Truth & Beauty

Beauty and truth are ageless allies. Yet we often force into battle. Something is only as true as it is beautiful. All enduring realities ought to evoke both hope and joy; harmony and melody; celebration and awe. To be sure truth may be difficult to accept or...

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Rest Takes Work

“It is perfectly clear that God’s good plan always included human beings working, or, more specifically, living in the constant cycle of work and rest.” - Ben Witherington - Fridays are my day off. Within Christian circles we might call it a Sabbath or day of rest. Mine...

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Resources from teaching through Mark

At Park we've been teaching through the Gospel According to Mark the past five months or so. (We are currently in chapter 9.) Whenever I teach through a book I usually stick with the same handful of books and references throughout. Since I've found it particularly helpful...

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Is cleanliness really next to godliness?

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” No doubt you have seen these words cross-stitched and framed in grandmothers’ homes across the south and midwest. However few signs suggest your grandmother (or anyone else's) is the author of the idiom. History indicates the 18th century preacher and theologian John Wesley originally...

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Real freedom is a new kind of bondage

Menus are terrifying. To be sure they are little more than lists of available options—yet usually laced with unfamiliar insider foodie vocabulary. However the words are the least of my discomforts. When perusing a new menu, the sheer reality of choice is overwhelming. In fact...

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